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AC 3000

Sanding System

  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Choice of electronic packages (Ground Speed Oriented or Closed Loop Computer Control)
  • Optional Closed Loop Gate Control (with Closed Loop Computer Control)
  • Electro hydraulic valving, with load sense or fixed displacement pumps
  • Pause, blast, and master controls
  • Five extra function switches
  • Remote Display included with Closed Loop Computer Control option

Other options include:

  • Armwrest with integrated joystick and/or function switches
  • Integral Pre-Wet (AC 2071)
  • Lighting Relay Controls

The Accu-CastTM AC3000 Series sanding system is built specifically for municipalities and contractors who do not require joysticks in the console.  Electronic packages range from economical ground speed oriented electronics, to state-of-the-art closed loop gate & conveyor control, and everything in-between.

Accu-CastTM Truck Activity Monitoring

  • WindowsTM Compatible Truck Activity Monitor
  • Infrared Communication with your Pocket PC 2003-based PDA
  • Quick and easy data uploading onto office PC
  • Truck, operator, or route data retrieved and totalled
  • Searchable database for easy record-keeping
  • Integrated RS-232 GPS Port

InterFleetTM Automated Vehicle Location System

  • Accu-CastTM Systems are fully compatible with InterFleet AVLS
  • Web-based Live Data tracking and equipment history
  • Customizable interface and reporting to meet your specific needs
  • Know where your equipment is and what it is doing at all times*

*Equipment must be within a cellular-serviced area for Live Data viewing, otherwise history and records are viewable once the equipment re-enters a cellular-serviced area - contact us for more information.

To view images of our systems, please visit our gallery.