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Prairie Hydraulic Equipment Ltd.

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About Us

Welcome to Prairie Hydraulic Equipment Ltd. We offer a vast multitude of parts and services to the mobile and industrial hydraulic equipment industry. System design, repairs, fabrication, installation (in-house and on-site), maintenance, upgrades, and replacement part availability are some of the benefits we offer you. Our shop is fully equipped for machining, honing, lathe work, brush electroplating, and bench-testing. We can provide you with a solution to fit your needs, whether you require a simple hydraulic system, or a high-end computer-controlled electro-hydraulic system. We also supply and install a full line of heavy-duty snow control equipment, including plows, sand and salt spreaders, pre-wet systems, and anti-ice systems - visit our Accu-Cast® section for more details. Give us a call and see how we may help you today!

Commitment to Quality

We are continually researching and developing highway maintenance equipment to ensure that when you choose our systems, you are getting the very latest in cutting-edge technology. Visit our Accu-Cast® section for more details.

Business Philosophy

The success enjoyed by Prairie Hydraulic Equipment Ltd. rests on a solid foundation of fundamental business values. We value integrity in everything we do; we value our people, every individual - they are Prairie Hydraulic Equipment Ltd; we value customer satisfaction, which is attained through excellence in productivity, quality, and service. This foundation of values will serve us in the years ahead.

Mission Statement

We believe in the free enterprise system, and we shall consistently treat our customers, employees, suppliers, and community with honesty, dignity, fairness, and respect. We will conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.

Prairie Hydraulic Equipment Ltd. is a proud member of the following associations: