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AC 3000

Sanding System

  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Choice of electronic packages (Ground Speed Oriented or Closed Loop Computer Control)
  • Optional Closed Loop Gate Control (with Closed Loop Computer Control)
  • Electro hydraulic valving, with load sense or fixed displacement pumps
  • Pause, blast, and master controls
  • Five extra function switches
  • Remote Display included with Closed Loop Computer Control option

Other options include:

  • Armrest with integrated joystick and/or function switches
  • Integral Pre-Wet (AC 2071)
  • Lighting Relay Controls

The Accu-Cast® AC3000 Series sanding system is built specifically for municipalities and contractors who do not require joysticks in the console.  Electronic packages range from economical ground speed oriented electronics, to state-of-the-art closed loop gate & conveyor control, and everything in-between.

Accu-Cast® Truck Activity Monitoring

  • Windows™ Compatible Truck Activity Monitor
  • Infrared Communication with your Pocket PC 2003-based PDA
  • Quick and easy data uploading onto office PC
  • Truck, operator, or route data retrieved and totalled
  • Searchable database for easy record-keeping
  • Integrated RS-232 GPS Port

InterFleet™ Automated Vehicle Location System

  • Accu-Cast® Systems are fully compatible with InterFleet AVLS
  • Web-based Live Data tracking and equipment history
  • Customizable interface and reporting to meet your specific needs
  • Know where your equipment is and what it is doing at all times*

    *Equipment must be within a cellular-serviced area for Live Data viewing, otherwise history and records are viewable once the equipment re-enters a cellular-serviced area – contact us for more information.