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AC 8500

Control & Hydraulic System

  • Accu-Cast AC8500 has been designed with the operator in mind, allowing the operator to control the main plow function and an independent system such as tow plow (with sander/plow functions), sander and/or anti-ice systems, or pup sanders.
  • Fully dedicated operating system for Sanding, Plows (with or without wings), Pre-wet, Anti-ice, Sweeping, Flushing Applications, and Tow Plow.
  • Full Color display with 21 in² screen c/w 200mhz processor (Touch Screen Diagnostics)
  • System components are of modular design
  • Single cable between components
  • Valve drivers - 32 channels
  • Five (5) on-board micro processors
    (1) main @ 40mhz (4) slave processors @ 20mhz each
  • I/0 core processor @ 80mhz
  • Four (4) CAN-Bus Channels
  • Eight (8) Hi-side switches
  • Eight (8) Low side switches
  • Ergonomically designed joystick with 8 function control
  • Programmable angle limit for hoist
  • Built to handle harsh operating conditions
  • Lighting diagnostics
  • Power up system diagnostics